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Title: Fur affinity character
Fur affinity character

Date: 2010/02/18 19:51:59
Shi-Painter Pro

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xXx-RedXIII-xXx Date: 2010/02/18 (Thu)19:53:48

wahahahaaaa! It tookawile, but here's my finished character for Fur Affinity! I just started my first account on there! xXx-RedXIII-xXx! Check it out!

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2010/07/12 (Mon)22:35:25

Moderator - Tobias The spam has been defeated! :D

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2010/07/24 (Sat)17:04:20

;( *Crying*  Alright folks, the Kemonoart Oekaki is being shut down. I got rid of the spam, and it came back with even more force than before. I don't have the tools to fight it, so I've switched the oekaki to Admin Only mode. Maybe I'll try unlocking it in a few months and see if the spam returns. :<

Title: test

Date: 2010/01/28 09:55:52

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nitouhei Date: 2010/01/28 (Thu)09:57:01



Title: Random Lizard Woman
Random Lizard Woman

Jorge the Wolfdog HomePage
Date: 2010/01/21 19:34:09

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Jorge the Wolfdog HomePage Date: 2010/01/21 (Thu)19:40:31

I haven't been here in a while so I was just practicing. I think I've used this pose too many times now. Just practicing on using watercolors and getting use to drawing with the mouse again. Blah. (=^_^=)

~Jorge the Wolfdog

Title: random nonsense
random nonsense

TeaKay HomePage
Date: 2009/12/16 03:36:36
Shi-Painter Pro

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TeaKay HomePage Date: 2009/12/16 (Wed)03:38:22

Just did a random doodle of one of my characters since some buttface says i cant draw two girls kissing or w/e. D< *throws rainbows at all of you*


Date: 2009/11/17 05:49:17

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nitouhei Date: 2009/11/17 (Tue)05:50:21


Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/11/17 (Tue)23:11:44

It worked ;)


Envy HomePage
Date: 2009/10/30 04:09:06

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Envy HomePage Date: 2009/10/30 (Fri)04:10:14

Dunno what to say about this... Heres a topless cat. Enjoy Xp

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/11/01 (Sun)17:54:24

:D *Big smile* Neat background. :3 I like the expression, too.

Title: Gatomon

Envy HomePage
Date: 2009/09/15 19:29:58
Shi-Painter Pro

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Envy HomePage Date: 2009/09/15 (Tue)19:34:46

Err... My tab closed during the submission of this D:

I fail @_______@;;

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/09/15 (Tue)20:32:05

Moderator - Tobias Fixed <3 *wonders where these people are coming from, and makes a note that he should probably do the little bits of updating he's been putting off*

And as soon as I get some backpay, I'll get back to work on the main site. Delays and the previous coder flaking out have ground things to a halt.

Salomé HomePage Date: 2009/09/16 (Wed)19:26:15

Gatomon always was my favourite digimon.

IdkRawr Date: 2009/09/23 (Wed)14:52:26

:D *Big smile* <3 Cute

Title: Cat girl?
Cat girl?

Salomé HomePage
Date: 2009/09/14 19:41:54
Shi-Painter Pro

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Salomé HomePage Date: 2009/09/14 (Mon)19:44:08

Hi, I'm new here. Just wanted to do some drawing, and this is what happened.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/09/15 (Tue)18:31:10

Cute :3 I like that sort of figure, personally.

Envy from FA HomePage Date: 2009/09/15 (Tue)18:39:26

Ooh~~ Very nice :D

It... For some reason reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics XD Maybe it's just me X3

Salomé HomePage Date: 2009/09/16 (Wed)19:24:05

FFT huh? I could see it.


Envy HomePage
Date: 2009/09/10 21:39:37

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Envy from FA HomePage Date: 2009/09/10 (Thu)21:43:14

So uhhmmm.... This is my first time doing anything in oekaki. I did this random fat catgirl. ^^;;

The way I see it, a catgirl would probably be pretty lazy like actual cats are, and get a body to match that lifestyle... Or maybe I've just had some bloody lazy  cats.

Title: Grape kitten
Grape kitten

Zidanerfox HomePage
Date: 2009/07/15 15:15:23

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Zidanerfox HomePage Date: 2009/07/15 (Wed)15:23:17

I just thought I do some shipainter practice. Just a silly idea about a couple of cat-like fruit creatures (?!) The idea with this pic was to draw a whole family and the mother was pregnent but I became lazy pretty early. Not all happy with it.

Well, enjoy anyway. ^_^

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/07/18 (Sat)13:36:14

Moderator - Tobias Lol, she has grapes on her head. Also, holycrap it's Z. Where's ya been?? :P

Silver Sheilds HomePage Date: 2009/07/26 (Sun)16:03:29

Yeah, where were you?

Silver Sheilds HomePage Date: 2009/08/05 (Wed)23:39:48

I wish you could show the rest of the family

DivDarkyX3 Date: 2010/07/18 (Sun)20:44:49

:) *Smiling* Hey, i'm new here and uhh..I was just wondering if someone could draw a wolf design for a charicter named Darkness. D: I'm not creative!

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