Welcome to the Kemonoart Oekaki!

Any image rating (G-XXX) is allowed, but there are a few simple rules:
- Pinup or solo images of any gender are allowed, however, please limit your XXX submissions to heterosexual pictures only. This means that Male/Male and Female/Female images may not be posted.
- Please do not submit non-morph Pokémon and Digimon pictures.
- Be respectful to your fellow posters and artists. If you leave a critique, do it in a polite manner and be able to back up your observations. If you disagree about the content of an image, please do not flame the artist that posted it.
- Do not harass artists for free art in any way, on the oekaki or through e-mail.

If your artwork has been removed from the board, an administrator will email you your submission (please include your email when you submit!) along with the reason why your image was removed. That aside, have fun on the Kemonoart Oekaki!

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Fur affinity character●xXx-RedXIII-xXx
Random Lizard Woman●Jorge the Wolfdog
random nonsense●TeaKay

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