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Title: For Zidanerfox
For Zidanerfox

Date: 2009/06/06 22:44:15
Shi-Painter Pro

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xXxWolfZeroxXx Date: 2009/06/06 (Sat)22:47:57

Wolf Kid: Oh wow!!!! It's Miss Chess!
Chess: Eh?
Wolf Kid: Ooh! ooh! Can I have your autograph???
Chess: Uh... sure! *Thinking* Why does he have a piece of paper and a pen while he's on the beach?

Sooo.... I've always loved the art on Kemonoart and you guys really work hard, so I wanted to do a dedication picture for Zidanerfox and his character Chess ;)
I hope you enjoy it and keep up the good work guys!

Zidanerfox HomePage Date: 2009/07/15 (Wed)15:25:22

Awww... It's always nice to see someone else draw Chess. Thanks, man. Keep it up! ^_~


ACN HomePage
Date: 2009/04/26 17:00:03
+Shi-Painter Pro

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ACN HomePage Date: 2009/04/18 (Sat)19:55:19

Here's the start of a picture of a wolf playing with her new toy. I haven't drawn anything in several months and I think I've gotten rusty so any advice or constructive criticism on this is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous Artfag HomePage Date: 2009/04/25 (Sat)09:19:43

"This could use a lot of extra sketching, first. Secondly you need to pay attention on the following key elements:
-the use of foreshortening in this picture should play a bigger role
-The volume of each limb and body part needs to be taken on account when you try to pose your character
-the weight and physics behind the placement of her breasts, since they look rather bidimentional
-the structure of the head and how it is affected by perspective and angle

Composition-wise it's ok."

Cross-posted from TGFB

Title: Some Kitty work.. :3
Some Kitty work.. :3

MN XenX HomePage
Date: 2009/02/19 08:18:52

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MN XenX HomePage Date: 2009/02/19 (Thu)08:21:28

I'm lttle board, so I draw something for you! ^w^ enjoy! :D

MN XenX HomePage Date: 2009/02/19 (Thu)09:58:27

I mean bored... ^^; sorry... ^^;

Fuyu Date: 2009/02/21 (Sat)00:18:14

thank goodnes, I hope you get bored often O_O :3

Silver Sheilds HomePage Date: 2009/07/26 (Sun)16:04:25

That's hot!

Title: Shaymin: Done!
Shaymin: Done!

MN XenX HomePage
Date: 2009/01/25 00:50:35

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MN XenX HomePage Date: 2009/01/25 (Sun)00:54:50

Whew! TwT Finally... I've finish the work well... thanks again Tobias! ^^ I was able to finish the whole pic... ^^

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/01/25 (Sun)02:39:26

Awesome. Glad people are gonna get to see it.

Sticky_Fingers Date: 2009/01/25 (Sun)04:07:35

nice i was starting to worry my horrible picture would stay at the top of the page forever...

Peterson HomePage Date: 2009/01/26 (Mon)14:30:30

WoW,I love her hehe she is so sexy, and I like a lot that pose showing her boobies and armpits hehe Her face is so cute and feminine and with a tight sexy mouth mmm those eyes are so beautiful hehe nice work man :3

Suigia HomePage Date: 2009/10/29 (Thu)13:50:20

*Fap fap fap* Cool, very nice shading. I'd give this 15/10

Title: Scrutiny

Date: 2009/01/14 14:46:40

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Sticky_Fingers Date: 2009/01/14 (Wed)14:48:43

Well I was attempting something... I tried....

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/01/15 (Thu)00:09:04

Welcome. Quite the start. Look forward to seeing more art from you.

Sticky_Fingers Date: 2009/01/15 (Thu)00:45:26

thanks... :3

Title: Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger

Date: 2008/11/30 17:51:34

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Ai HomePage Date: 2008/11/28 (Fri)21:55:11

Need to finish coloring~

Ai Date: 2008/11/30 (Sun)17:53:51

All finished~

I wanted a character who's an environmentalist, a rocker, and someone with natural fur markings~

Here is Magnolia, The Iberian Lynx

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/12/02 (Tue)02:32:52

Moderator - Tobias Came out nice. Keep working to improve anatomy and muscle structure. Coloring's pretty good. :3

Sticky_Fingers Date: 2009/01/03 (Sat)07:04:49

Fancy meeting you here Ai. Nice picture.

Title: Erm... Hello?
Erm... Hello?

Ai HomePage
Date: 2008/11/23 02:46:27

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Ai HomePage Date: 2008/11/23 (Sun)02:48:48

...Nothing special...
It's not that good and I didn't try so much...
An excuse to use tones however~

My Fursona Ai just... well.. looking back.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/11/23 (Sun)23:35:09

Getting better. I like the tail.

Windthor HomePage Date: 2008/12/14 (Sun)21:21:33

Aww, she's cute. :3

Title: Face Off
Face Off

Hobbes HomePage
Date: 2009/01/19 18:07:00
++Shi-Painter Pro

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Hobbes HomePage Date: 2008/11/16 (Sun)20:39:32

phew! almost lost it there for a second, firefox froze up mid-upload! That pop-up "restore temporary application data" or whatever it says saved me.

anyway, playing on Tegaki today, made me realize how much better this sort of program is. too much fun.

anyway, safety save, and I promise not to save to many times this time, just in case.

by the way, the character in the background, is there too much twist in the waist there? having a little trouble there.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/11/19 (Wed)23:37:29

Pretty good as it is now. Might still be a small bit too much but not enough that it's a big deal. :3

hobbes_maxwell HomePage Date: 2008/12/01 (Mon)21:26:35

Taking long as usual. Should be able to finish soon without too many more pauses, don't want to push my luck with shi-painter. Is the anatomy looking right? I'm trying some extreme angles here, and I'm a little uncertain.

anyway, hope you guys like, will finish soon!

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/12/02 (Tue)02:32:08

Something.... something seems off with the legs. I can't even tell which needs work. I just feel like one is off. Prolly the one facing the viewer rather than the bent one giving support.

Also, lol those sleeves look familiar.

Hobbes HomePage Date: 2009/01/19 (Mon)18:11:01

still working on this!

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/01/28 (Wed)13:11:52

Osnap... What's the 'small' one holding? And should one be upside-down in her paw?

Jcalf Date: 2009/02/25 (Wed)01:52:38

I wanna say thats a Stielhandgrenade, but I am not sure. Anyways, I have some trouble with depth on this one, but it's probably just me. This looks to be something good, good luck with it.

Title: Welcoming Autumn (Color)
Welcoming Autumn (Color)

Date: 2008/10/27 03:01:02

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Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/10/05 (Sun)19:42:14

Noted you on FA

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/10/11 (Sat)23:36:42

Moderator - Tobias Are there any problems with this? Hadn't heard from you so I just wanted to make sure.

Hobbes Date: 2008/10/27 (Mon)03:04:31

Phew! sorry it took me so long to get back to this, I got distracted by some other inking I've been working on. Thanks again Tobias for giving me a hand with this and whatnot, and for continuing to poke me until I finished!

I was gonna take the color a different direction initially, but once i started playing with the color it took off in a totally different direction.

anyway, feel free to critique as much as possible, by no means do i know what I'm doing with color, i still have a lot to learn, so comments are more than welcome.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/10/27 (Mon)22:43:03

Freaking awesome. No more stuff to be added in? I guess you did most of the shading and texture with the inking, but it looks great. Looking forward to your next project, and I still haven't seen you online to say hi. :P

Fuyu Date: 2008/11/02 (Sun)01:19:20

wow O_o....the colors are awesome!!!

great pic, I would like to see more of your work :)

Windthor HomePage Date: 2008/11/19 (Wed)06:01:04

Girl: Finally done...

Little brother(?): Banzai!!!

IdkRawr Date: 2009/08/24 (Mon)20:00:55

:) *Smiling* Haha is that Tobias Jumping outta the tree?

Title: Welcoming Autumn
Welcoming Autumn

Hobbes HomePage
Date: 2008/10/05 00:27:39

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Hobbes HomePage Date: 2008/09/14 (Sun)22:27:09

phew! forgot how strange drawing in this was was! hi guys, mind if i doodle for a bit here again?

also, safety save, i don't trust my internets to stay working over long periods.

Hobbes HomePage Date: 2008/09/14 (Sun)23:11:47

Hmm, little better. need to find a way to ink a pile of leaves before i try and ink this... bill waterson maybe? anyone have suggestions?

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/09/14 (Sun)23:43:42

Moderator - Tobias Niiice. Glad to see your art around. Looks really impressive. As far as the leaves go, ink the top of the pile, and do watercolors for the inside.

Oh, btw, wanted to tell you, KA's finally got a decent coder right now, and we're almost to the point of having gallery management done. If you hit me up on AIM, I should be able to provide you with the demo for testing. He says it's gonna be available on Monday, perhaps a day or two later. Hoping to get some extra input so I'll see you around.

Hobbes HomePage Date: 2008/09/15 (Mon)15:05:10

Phew! safety save, and also, break time.

I'll try your suggestion for the leaves Tobias, and I'd love to see what you guys have in the works! I'll see if i can wrest my aim client into functionality in a bit here.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/09/15 (Mon)21:59:19

Moderator - Tobias Rockin'. And it looks pretty fantastic so far.

Beta's not ready for a hands on yet, so no rush. Tentatively Tuesday, we'll see.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/09/19 (Fri)03:41:14

Heh, don't stop yet :D Keep on truckin' with it. Still hung up with the leaves?

Hobbes HomePage Date: 2008/09/23 (Tue)17:57:36

Safety save. we have wireless internet here, and it's raining, keeps going in and out. And thanks for the encouragement Tobias, though i have been poking it now and then, i just didn't always write anything.Thanks though!

Hobbes HomePage Date: 2008/09/28 (Sun)23:40:43

man, sorry this is taking so long, i just suck at this sort of stuff (wacom) it's really not my style but it is a lot of fun. I'll kep picking at it until it's finished, i do plan on coloring it eventually.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2008/09/29 (Mon)20:26:51

Moderator - Tobias Just a heads up because it's a known Shi-Painter issue. If you resume too many times on the same image, you can bug it out. For this reason, you might consider reaching an "Inked with no sketch layer" phase soon. At that point, I'll copy the image in case something goes wrong. I'm also going to experiment with resuming an image from animation after the image has been copied.

Hobbes HomePage Date: 2008/10/05 (Sun)00:33:16

Oh hey, thanks for the heads up. sorry bout' that, I'm constantly picking at drawings, even pen and paper stuff, it's a constant back and forth. I'll make sure and keep it down for the shi-painter stuffs from now on, thanks.

This is the "inked with no sketch layer" version. I'm gonna color it next, but the inked bit is done and on the top layer for now. So go ahead and do what you were going to do, and thanks for the help again man.

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