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Title: Fur affinity character
Fur affinity character

Date: 2010/02/18 19:51:59
Shi-Painter Pro

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xXx-RedXIII-xXx Date: 2010/02/18 (Thu)19:53:48

wahahahaaaa! It tookawile, but here's my finished character for Fur Affinity! I just started my first account on there! xXx-RedXIII-xXx! Check it out!

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2010/07/12 (Mon)22:35:25

Moderator - Tobias The spam has been defeated! :D

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2010/07/24 (Sat)17:04:20

;( *Crying*  Alright folks, the Kemonoart Oekaki is being shut down. I got rid of the spam, and it came back with even more force than before. I don't have the tools to fight it, so I've switched the oekaki to Admin Only mode. Maybe I'll try unlocking it in a few months and see if the spam returns. :<

Title: Fanservice 300
Fanservice 300

*morningstar HomePage
Date: 2006/02/27 21:06:47

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*morningstar HomePage Date: 2006/02/27 (Mon)21:22:20

Oops. This one's mine. A 300 watchers fanservice/thank you pic for FA.

I didn't put the tail in because it would have covered her bits, which was the entire point of the picture.

Valeth Date: 2006/02/28 (Tue)22:46:57

Allright! Whoo! That's the stuff! Yeah! Etc...

Seriously, quite a rurnaround from tasteful nudity to explicit... Nice! Still, I would have liked to see the tale there, maybe it could have been sorta up and to the side? Otherwise she's like a human with body paint. Which isn't exactly bad in itself, just not quite as... exotic? as a scaly. Still, really nice though. With the bits and all.

And I haven't given up on that banner pic, just been real busy. I'll get to it sometime this week.

Valeth Date: 2006/03/01 (Wed)03:40:51

Ooh, forgot to say those shiny highlights are real nice.

Anyway, I want to humbly request something equally explicit but with a pretty much full view of her. I guess that while us guys are focused on the parts, I at least like seeing more than just the parts. Seeing pretty much all of her at once would be HOTNESS!

*morningstar HomePage Date: 2006/03/01 (Wed)10:42:35

Valeth, you're not the only person that's been wanting full body porn of her ;3

I tried a bunch of configurations for the tail and I just couldn't place it right. If it had a thin base like a fox tail, it would have been fine, but the base of a reptile tail was a bit too thick for me to do that easily. So I took the cheap way out :D

Title: Cat girl?
Cat girl?

Salomé HomePage
Date: 2009/09/14 19:41:54
Shi-Painter Pro

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Salomé HomePage Date: 2009/09/14 (Mon)19:44:08

Hi, I'm new here. Just wanted to do some drawing, and this is what happened.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2009/09/15 (Tue)18:31:10

Cute :3 I like that sort of figure, personally.

Envy from FA HomePage Date: 2009/09/15 (Tue)18:39:26

Ooh~~ Very nice :D

It... For some reason reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics XD Maybe it's just me X3

Salomé HomePage Date: 2009/09/16 (Wed)19:24:05

FFT huh? I could see it.

Title: Krystal

Trinish Valentine HomePage
Date: 2006/11/05 16:28:24

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Trinish Valentine HomePage Date: 2006/11/05 (Sun)00:08:58

Safety save.

Trinish Valentine HomePage Date: 2006/11/05 (Sun)00:34:20

I think I died a little, trying to do that shoulderplate thing. I'll fix it all up tomorrow. x_x

Fuyu Date: 2006/11/05 (Sun)00:52:15

this is really good, and that plate sure looks like a lot of work :P

Hope you can get it as you want it to be!

Trinish Valentine HomePage Date: 2006/11/05 (Sun)04:34:06

Thankyou. <3

For Tobias.

Trinish Valentine HomePage Date: 2006/11/05 (Sun)16:06:32

I'm aware I forgot her arm markings.
I'm going to fix that now.
So ssh.

Trinish Valentine HomePage Date: 2006/11/05 (Sun)16:18:27

Now it's finished. e_e;;

Trinish Valentine HomePage Date: 2006/11/05 (Sun)16:28:53

Arg. I don't know anymore. **Falls down.**

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2006/11/06 (Mon)00:19:01

Moderator - Tobias Beautiful :D Well done, Trinish, thanks so much for letting me see Krystal in your style. <3 Have fun with the requests from other people ^_^

Kit Airheart HomePage Date: 2006/11/06 (Mon)22:47:17

Hooray it's Krystal art that's cute and totally and innocent for once XD

She looks pretty cuddly. You did a nice job.

Splash HomePage Date: 2006/11/12 (Sun)00:41:42

Artist - Splash Oh, gosh, that is just so cute.

Valeth HomePage Date: 2006/11/18 (Sat)00:55:38

I hear that part about almost dying drawing the shoulder plate... those things are no fun.

Also, cute picture.

Jorge the Wolfdog HomePage Date: 2006/12/07 (Thu)01:40:29

This pic is really great, Awesome job on it. Keep it up (^_^)

IdkRawr Date: 2009/07/14 (Tue)13:00:30

O.O *Shocked* Krystal is DRESSED!!! >:O i havent seen her dressed for a while... :D otherwise nice pic

Title: Kana & Karin
Kana & Karin

Arrow HomePage
Date: 2006/10/08 00:40:30

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Arrow HomePage Date: 2006/09/25 (Mon)04:08:51

A work in progress. I'll finish it later.

FirefoxKal Date: 2006/09/25 (Mon)13:44:43

cute rowrow nice pic ^^

<-Wolfheart-> Date: 2006/09/26 (Tue)05:35:03

Nice work Arrow!

Arrow HomePage Date: 2006/10/08 (Sun)01:09:47

Pretty much done with this one. These are my new chars, Blue Witch Kana and Midnight Karin my unofficial vassals.^^

JL HomePage Date: 2006/10/08 (Sun)11:03:32

uhhh Arrow, arent u supposed to be working on the pic u said u would draw for me

Tobias HomePage Date: 2006/10/08 (Sun)20:14:51

Moderator - Tobias JL: Please do not leave such comments. That sort of behavior is not tollerated on this oekaki. This is your one warning.

Arrow: Impressive. I love how you did the black fur here. Also, make sure to message me, we need to get you an icon for on here XD

Feather Date: 2006/10/09 (Mon)07:04:08

Wow, that's really great, Arrow. I would love to see more pics about Kana and Karin. :3

IdkRawr Date: 2009/07/14 (Tue)13:08:03

:D *Big smile* Cuteness!!! :O


ACN HomePage
Date: 2006/12/22 06:12:50
+++Shi-Painter Pro

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Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2006/12/03 (Sun)19:47:19

Moderator - Tobias *claps back* It worked! ..... but who did it? XD C'mon, someone should claim this. It's pretty good.

ACN HomePage Date: 2006/12/04 (Mon)18:18:21

I did it! Glad you like it Tobias, just started drawing again after a few months off. Sorry I didn't post any details first but my battery was about to die so I had to submit it in a hurry.

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2006/12/04 (Mon)19:24:34

Moderator - Tobias Ah, I see I see :3 I knew it looked a bit familiar but I couldn't remember who did it XD

ACN HomePage Date: 2006/12/09 (Sat)11:21:19

A bit more shading and she's done!

Whoops, forgot to remove the paint spots in the top right...

Title: Military Shadow
Military Shadow

Avencri HomePage
Date: 2006/03/05 02:02:45

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Avencri HomePage Date: 2006/03/05 (Sun)02:04:54

The shi one was a lot better, nothing better to try than Ananas! ^^

Tobias HomePage Date: 2006/03/05 (Sun)02:09:44

Coolness. I know a few others around here have a few more of the complex workings of the oekaki figured out so feel free to ask them for help with anything.

Valeth Date: 2006/03/07 (Tue)00:14:49

I've looked and looked and I just can't figure it out... What is that on the right side?

Avencri HomePage Date: 2006/03/07 (Tue)01:11:51

Valeth: It is a guy with three eyes (only two showing) and a really big and round head that can get filled with air. He might be some kind of mollusc! ^^

Title: very popular cafe
very popular cafe

gigaTHB HomePage
Date: 2006/09/27 22:19:20
Shi-Painter Pro

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gigaTHB HomePage Date: 2006/09/27 (Wed)22:25:51

A cafeteria is full today, too :)

Tobias HomePage Date: 2006/09/28 (Thu)00:08:00

Moderator - Tobias I have a question. Does the bell on the tail thing have a meaning in Japanese culture or elsewhere? I see it somewhat often, and there was something similar that a friend of mine did in one of his stories, but he never divulged the reasoning behind it, and it always bugged my curiosity. Does anyone have an answer on this?

Anyway, cute pic indeed :3 I bet she makes -really- good tips!

gigaTHB HomePage Date: 2006/09/28 (Thu)05:23:21

It hasn't meaning particularly.
It is a matter of design.
If "cat" is said, there is an image of the bell.
Because the cat of the Japanese pet wears a bell on the collar often.

<-Wolfheart-> Date: 2006/09/28 (Thu)06:03:38

Hehe without doubt! nice work!=3

Tobias HomePage Date: 2006/09/28 (Thu)09:00:09

Moderator - Tobias Ah, in the story I had read, it was a little different of a meaning. Something perverted. I had thought it was just a slave/pet type thing, since as you say, cat collars often have bells, even in America. But I asked the guy who wrote the story, and he said that was not it. *shrugs* Thanks for the answer ^_^

FirefoxKal Date: 2006/10/08 (Sun)07:48:17

I want to visit that cafe too~

IdkRawr Date: 2009/07/14 (Tue)13:04:12

*Blushing* Oyes :D

IdkRawr Date: 2009/07/14 (Tue)18:38:37

*Blushing* I like her Fur pattern a lot... and i wondering how she doesn't know that her skirt is up... and she has nice legs :D


Date: 2006/10/18 18:13:09
++Shi-Painter Pro

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<-Wolfheart-> Date: 2006/10/16 (Mon)17:41:24

Blah! not yet ready....

<-Wolfheart-> Date: 2006/10/17 (Tue)03:58:42

Not still ready!

Tobias HomePage Date: 2006/10/17 (Tue)11:30:52

Moderator - Tobias Oh hey, it's turning out pretty nice with the shading and stuff. Lara Croft furry right? XD

<-Wolfheart-> Date: 2006/10/18 (Wed)18:14:48

Finito! finally. well not quite Tobias, but very close, i got insipiration from lara croft =3
hope you all like it, see!

Tobias HomePage Date: 2006/10/18 (Wed)18:48:28

Moderator - Tobias Cool. :3

Hey, are you gonna finish up that first drawing you did here?

<-Wolfheart-> Date: 2006/10/24 (Tue)04:53:01

Uh....iv'e lost resume password of my first picX3
i'm sometimes so careless..but i can delete it, cause' i can't finish it..

Title: Embarassed Kyrstal..
Embarassed Kyrstal..

Date: 2007/12/15 04:46:34

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Renatwo Date: 2007/12/15 (Sat)04:52:37

Yes RandomDude she is talking to you...:P and she topless for fanservice..I was going to put a top on her..then I just felt like drawing boobs for some reason XD..

Riki Date: 2007/12/15 (Sat)15:42:46

Did you know she also has a sister named Ruby?

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2007/12/15 (Sat)16:13:42

Moderator - Tobias No, her sister is Emerald ;P That's the offcial stort around here, as we support Winstar's ideas ;3

Also: WOW! Nice job, Renatwo! Excellent pic ^_^ Very cute face. :D

The Random Dude Date: 2007/12/16 (Sun)04:36:43

O.O *Shocked* Awww shucks, you shouldnt have... no really, you shouldnt have! your just encourageing my bad habit, lol.

Still eh... nice... nice um... just a nice job.

I have to say though Renatwo, that fur effect you'v been practiceing really has something going for you. Definatley keep practiceing at it. In my own opinion, try aiming for shorter strokes in places rather than having longer one's.

Ok that me said ma peice, now i'm getting out of here before anymore of you'r devient shinanigans tempt me ;)

Riki Date: 2007/12/16 (Sun)14:41:35

The Proof is right here:

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2007/12/16 (Sun)15:06:24

XD *Laughing*  Ah right, that girl. Well in all continuity, Krystal was like, the only one left from her planet. Ruby's a normal Cornerian, not a Cerinian. Same model, different hue. Was a nice easter egg IMO :P

Winstar Date: 2007/12/16 (Sun)23:45:23

Emerald is hotter :3

Riki Date: 2007/12/17 (Mon)17:28:44

Well maybe Krystal, Emerald, and Ruby were triplets.
Maybe Ruby was separated at birth and taken to Corneria a few years before the destruction of Cerinia.
Did that occur to you?

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2007/12/18 (Tue)19:48:41

*! Mark*  Random Dude, please check your e-mail.

mario Date: 2007/12/21 (Fri)17:09:37

*Eye roll* she is prety

Windthor Date: 2007/12/24 (Mon)20:53:29

Ooh, cute. :3

By the way, am I the first to notice you can't draw on the board while on your Wii? (I'm on mine right now, believe it or not. ;])

Tobias Amaranth HomePage Date: 2007/12/24 (Mon)22:44:34

Lol the cursor isn't designed for this anyway :P

Renatwo Date: 2007/12/28 (Fri)02:07:10


omg ..Its Tobias long lost twin  chibi brother!XD

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